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Love is about timing and it is not always simple to find the right person at the right time. What if you could go back in time and meet your better half at the age of 16, 25 or 30 ?


In DATED,  one singleton looking for love has the opportunity to discover 6 potential crushes to find, among them, her perfect match. But careful, our singleton can only get to know her suitors through information from their pasts, via archives from all the stages of their lives : photos, videos, anecdotes, tweets…


She has to eliminate the suitors one by one, only basing her decision on the information she knows about them, year after year. After each elimination, the suitors go through the TIME WALL to reveal their current look : weight loss, physical transformation, people you know, life change. Careful, the past can be misleading ! 


In DATED, going back in time can help you find love.

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